Hi members, A bit late with this months newsletter but better late than never.
First of all the club has voted to go back and rename ourselves Windansea Surf Club,  which it should have always been, I can understand previous
committees changing the name to enable us not to be associated with regular Surf Clubs, but we have been established for over 40 years so i don’t think that will be a problem.

Well  Feb is shaping up as a busy month with the Quiky Pro on and a few members have already been making the trip down to check it out. Just had a phone call to
Tony and Mitch Eastwell and they just got out of the water at Dbah after sharing the waves with Slater and Bourez stoked hey boys.

The Aust Surf Expo has been run, with Windansea putting on a great display on the Goldy with legends such as Simon Anderson, Tony Eltherington and Richard Harvey
getting photos with the PA trophy. By the end of the expo with some tired members having to pack all the gear up, we were very happy to be one of the first exhibitors to be invited back next year. Apparently Gary Odonnell reckons he saw an Orangutan on the way home while driving. I think Fisso knows something about that.


Also ran into members of Burleigh and North End clubs, they are keen to organize 3 way comp between us for later in the year, should be fun to get maybe 20 mins
to yourself at Burleigh.
Also our leading female surfer Laura ponz has been on the road getting some great results at comps in Victoria and NSW of late, with old man Ponz travelling with
her most of the time, ( i dont know how he keeps a job ) with all the time off.
The Hazelnut family have just returned from a trip to Hawaii so maybe Dr Dave can fill us in at next club meeting on his travels.

Feb comp was run at Currimundi with fun waves and a strong rip running most of the day, Schlossy  won opens with some strong rail surfing.
Don’t forget club meeting Wed 5th at Curras Pub.
PA entries are out on club website.
All members must have there membership paid up by now to enable you to surf next comp.
Who was the grommet that didn’t pick their board up when told to and Paula M decided to back the car out.
Silky turned 40 the other day, When’s the Party Ben ?
See ya in the surf Tez

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