Cameron McDougall - 3rd in the Micros ranking

After much debate, the decision was made to hold this month’s comp at Moffat Beach. The surf was a solid 3-4 foot with a slight off shore breeze. Before the heats kicked off a group photo was taken of the groms sporting the new drug awareness rashies, compliments of Surfing Australia. But then inadvertently deleted by Fizzle Dizzle! So we’ll have to take two on that one next comp. With the early high tide we decided to run the grommets first on the inside bank while Tim, Silky and Master Bomba tried to fix a minor glitch with the computer scoring system. Paul Ponz did his best to keep up with the grumbling bellies with his tasty bacon and egg burgers. Standout surfing from K Dog saw him win the cadets. Twigger took out the open finals after spending Saturday mind surfing some pumping waves while hanging out with Cale. Coming in at second in the Opens final was Reef Heazelwood with a stand out performance. Laura Poncini, Sam Poncini, Luke Glover, Ben Muskens, Will Muskens and Brett Doran all took out their respective divisions. Well done guys!

words by Lisa Litfin

Check the pictures by Gary O’Donnell on the facebook page.

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