Windansea Boardriders Club Champions
2017 Cameron McDougall Will Carterq N/A Harry Hilder Elijah Magner Luke Faddy Dean Carpenter Terry Landsberg Joe Brennan Skye Faddy Ava Lockhart
2016 Nick McDonald Luke Glover N/A Cameron McDougall Elijah Magner Sam Griffiths Ben Scarlett Brendan O’Mara Joe Brennan Skye Faddy
2015 Noah Kearney Noah Kearney N/A Luke Glover Will Muskens Elijah Magner Dean Carpenter Russel Miller Brett Doran Skye Faddy
2014 Ben Silk Stirling Mitchell Afrikah McCladrigan Thomas Prout Aiden Feeley Cameron McDougall Dean Carpenter Terry Landsberg Ewan McDougall Skye Faddy
2013 Reef Heazlewood Kyle Born Renee Heazlewood Noah Kearney Luke Glover Will Muskens Adam Hadland Terry Landsberg Ewan McDougall Anna Toohey
2012 Russell Miller Tom McGregor Laura Poncini Kane Landsberg Thomas Prout Will Muskens Russell Miller Ben Silk Ewan McDougall
2011 Russell Miller Jake Fissenden
2010 Josh Menger Jake Fissenden
2009 Josh Menger Josh Menger
2008 Andy Johnston Nick Edgerton
2007 Michael Carter Tim Ollier
2006 Nick McDonald Nick McDonald
2005 Andy Miller Ash Tutton
2004 Russel Miller Nick McDonald
2003 Dean Carpenter Kalen Schloss
2002 Paul Johnston Andrew Brentnall
2001 Daniel Domrow Jarrod Brentnall
2000 Andy Johnston Wade Goodall
1999 Ben Silk Nick Ferguson
1998 Peter Boyd Wade Goodall
1997 Nick Ferguson
1996 David Scard Scott Wynn
1995 David Scard Scott Wynn
1994 Paul Johnston Joel Parkinson
1993 Robert Emblem John McLean
1992 Ben Muskens Ben Silk
1991 Ben Muskens Nathan Peters
1990 Ben Muskens David Scard
1989 Brett Doran Ben Muskens
1988 Robert Emblem Peter Boyd
1987 Robert Emblem Peter Boyd
1986 Robert Wolff Mark Loh
1985 Robert Wolff Mark Loh
1984 Robert Wolff Dean Hume
1983 Robert Wolff Stuart Johnston
1982 Robert Wolff Robert Emblem
1981 Robert Wolff Robert Emblem
1980 Robert Wolff Robert Wolff
1979 Ian Dimond Robert Wolff
1978 Ian Dimond Robert Wolff/ Gary O’Donnell
1977 Daryl Parkinson Daryl Parkinson
1976 Daryl Parkinson Daryl Parkinson
1975 Daryl Parkinson Daryl Parkinson
1974 Ron Howarth John Wolff
1973 Cock Roberts Lenny Howarth
1972 Cock Roberts John Wolff
  1. Gary O'Donnell says:

    I won the Opens in 1980 with RJ ,Robert Wolff, we had the same points for the year up till the last comp. and on a 10 wave countback in the last comp we were the same so we shared first place , its the only time it ever happened, cant be the Juniors in 1978 I was 20yrs old .I gave him the trophy, then RJ won 6 more, Bastard never fell off.

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