Est.1970. Caloundra. QLD

The original WindanSea Surf club was founded in the 1960’s in San Diego, California with the idea of becoming a club with branches worldwide.

Its expansion invariably found a hungry home in Australia’s thriving surf scene of the 60’s and 70’s with three clubs being formed in Sydney, Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

WindanSea Caloundra was formed by two local surfers, Bruce McKean and Greg Minert in 1970. The club followed in the famous footsteps of the Moffateers founded by the legendary Ma & Pa Bendall.

WindanSea quickly asserted itself as a dominant force in the surfing arena and the club showcased its competitive edge when they won the Presidents Cup against their southern counterparts on the Gold Coast.

The club also Hosts the Annual Pa & Ma Bendall Memorial Surfing Contest which has seen Surfers such as Gerry Lopez, Terry Fitzgerald, Richard Harvey, Michael Peterson, Peter Drouyn and Nat Young have all compete in this event.

Nowadays we see professional surfers like Joel Parkinson, Serena Brooke, and Wade Goodall all from Caloundra who are past and present members of WindanSea Boardriders surfing in this contest.

This event still remains the second longest surfing contest in Australia (2nd to Bell’s Classic) The 2012 event will be the 38th year .

Today the club has 95 members with many of the juniors competing in world recognised events.

Current President Terry Landsberg


To promote the sport of surfing and actively being involved with the local community, encouraging and attracting young surfers on the Sunshine Coast to become new members while promoting the integrity and sportsmanship in the spot of surfing.

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