Hi all members, a bit of an up date for all who missed our last club meeting, We discussed upcoming Straddie weekend on the 19th-29th Oct, the team will be doing some training with our club coach Silky who is finally back from South America visiting family and surfing (probably more surfing than family)

The Billabong packs on order are probably going to take another month or two to arrive so just hang in there.
We should be receiving the World Surfaris gear that the club won soon. (thanks to Dale Faddy booking his trip with them that got us over the line) Dale heads off on that trip next week lucky bugger.

A few of our younger members are away competing down south at Cronulla, Reef Heazlewood, Laura Poncini  got 2nd in there divisions and Luke Glover also surfed well, which is a great result.

The Kirra junior teams event has been run with the club finishing in 12th spot and all team members surfed well, The junior members have also got the second round of the state titles running the weekend of 12th-13th Oct so its a busy time for the club this time of year. The club will also be entering a team in the Australian Boardriders Battle next month at Dbah.

A bit of gossip for everyone, Original Fizz, thats the old one, had a knee reconstruction and is home taking it easy, he scored a 9 point ride at a club comp this year so imagine what he can do with 2 good knees!!!!

Andy J is on instagram every day with photos of his kids, (one proud dad there),  Eli Steele went on a photo shoot to Indo recently so there should be some good shots getting around soon.

Deano Carp is back in the water after punching the road with his hand. Nik Doran has hopefully got over a broken ankle, ( no more stunts from you nik).

Club members that have volunteered for Rosies Outreaching will be going out on tuesday nights making coffee and handing out food for the homeless people of Caloundra this is a great way of the club becoming involved in the community and helping people less fortunate than you, If you want to be involved contact one of the committee members (you know my number twigga).
Don’t forget club comp this weekend Sun 6th Oct meet at Ann st 6.30am

Tez your Prez

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