Hi members,

It’s a two for one deal this month, as its been busy with surf trips and the odd comp.
First of, well done to the groms that competed in the Occy and Skullcandy. Reef  Hazelnut  finished with a great result of 2nd in the u/16 boys in the Skullcandy and Noah (bigger than his dad ) Kearney  made semis at the Occy comp.

With the Coastal Origin series rapping up Laura Ponz, Luke Glover and Will Muskens, all surfed well on the final day with Will M missing out on winning his heat by 0.2. Sunshine Coast ended up winning against the Goldy with a powerful performance by the crew from ( I hate to say it ) North Shore Boardriders.

Well if you havent seen some of the shots from Scardys Beer & Barrell Festival log onto Joyos facebook sight and have a look, special moments were Scardys spreading of ABs ashes in the barrel at speedies i reckon you will see it in a few mags soon. All the boys had a great time with more injuries happening on land than in the water, (AJ trying trying to kick a concrete block, Dave rolling his ankle and thinking that he broke it ). Senior Hazelnut spending hours & hours in the boat at the end of Speedies getting some great shots and looking like a dried up prune after not taking any water out with him on one session. Maybe next year we do it all again for AJs 40th.

The senior citizens of the club will be heading down to Coffs Harbour for the Masters Aussie Titles next weekend so if you want to follow the action just log onto www.australiansurffestival.com .Cutback Clive is talking about taking his lawn bowls with him to have a roll down there but Kristian and myself are trying to talk him out of it. The forecast for the comp is looking solid so good luck guys.

Tim Byrne has just returned from a trip to the States (USA) reports were fun times but the surf was not that good, apparently he was spotted on the beach in San Francisco playing frisbee but lucky for him his wife Carmen turned up or things could have gone downhill pretty quick.

A few open comps are coming up in the next few months so all you open surfers try and get organized and come down to a few club comps before hand.

We had to postpone our AGM last month but will be sending a txt out soon to set a date,

Remember always have fun in the water.


Thanks Gus for putting it up every month mate.
If someone out there is selling a good small car for Brisbane trips please contact me thanks.

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